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Dieter Dengler: A Abbreviated Story

Updated on July 15, 2019

Larry Slawson


Larry Slawson standard his Masters Level in Chronicle at UNC Charlotte. He specializes in Russian and Ukrainian chronicle.

Impinging Writer

Dieter Dengler (Rightfield)


Nativity Figure:

Dieter Dengler

Escort of Nativity:

22 May 1938


Wildberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Nazi Germany

Appointment of Decease:

7 February 2001 (62 Eld aged)

Situation of End:

Grind Vale, California



Berth of Burying:

Arlington Internal Necropolis


Marina Adamich (Marital in 1966; Divorced in 1970); Irene Lam (Marital in 1980; Divorced in 1984); Yukiko Dengler (Marital in 1998)


Alexander Dengler (Son); Rolf Dengler (Son)


Reinhold Dengler


Mare Dengler


Martin Dengler (Comrade); Klaus Dengler (Buddy)


Hero Navigate; Aircraft Cowcatcher (Individual and Commercial-grade)


Share of the 145 th Onslaught Squadron (Joined States Navy); Stationed on USS-Ranger (CV-61)

Highest Order Achieved:



Navy Crossbreeding; Grand Fast Crossbreed; Bronzy Hotshot; Phenobarbitone; Air Ribbon

Scoop Known For:

Successfully loose from a Pathet Lao Prison-camp in Laos; Commencement U.S. Flyer to evasion foeman enslavement during the Vietnam War.

Navy A-1 Skyraider; Like airplane flown by Dieter Dengler during the Vietnam War. | Germ

Dieter Dengler: Prompt Facts

Warm Fact #1:

Dieter Dengler was natural on 22 May 1928 in Wildberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany to Mare and Reinhold Dengler. Dieter ne’er had an chance to acknowledge his forefather who was killed during Humans War Two on the Easterly Breast. Withal, he became rather some his fuss, brothers, and grandparents. The Dengler class was rather miserable during Dieter’s other eld, forcing the phratry to hangout to scavenging in their pastime of nutrient during the war.

Straightaway Fact #2:

By the age of xiv, Dieter began an apprenticeship below a blacksmith in Germany, and helped in the fix of alfilaria and watches. Although the blacksmith regularly meter untried Dieter for the slightest mistakes, Dieter was posterior grateful for the rigorous breeding as it helped him to endure hard situations in Vietnam.

Spry Fact #3:

At the age of 18, untried Dieter distinct to visit the Joined States aft eyesight an American cartridge with a enlisting ad for military pilots. To micturate the journeying, Dieter salvaged face and assorted metals to climb the compulsory sum for sauceboat tickets. Astern hitchhiking to Hamburg and disbursal virtually fortnight on the city’s streets, Dieter set voyage for New York Metropolis carrying few apparel and alone a fistful of yield and sandwiches for the farsighted journeying leading. Abaft arriving in New York Metropolis, Dieter chop-chop sought-after out an Airforce recruiter, where he enlisted and was quick sent to introductory preparation at Lackland Airforce Pedestal in San Antonio, Texas.

Warm Fact #4:

Abaft qualification it done canonical preparation, Dengler exhausted two geezerhood in the Airforce shedding potatoes ahead transferring to the motive pond to oeuvre as a machinist. Due to his know as a mechanic, he was afterward assigned as a gunsmith. Although Dengler late passed the air exam needful for pilots, he was blockaded from pilot-selection due to the fact that he did not suffer a college grade. He was after fired from the Airforce where he united his sidekick as a baker at a bakeshop workshop in San Francisco. Spell running with his buddy, Dengler chased his training at San Francisco Metropolis College, and after transferred to the College of San Mateo where he realized two geezerhood of college, perusing astronautics. Victimisation his newfound college know to his vantage, new Dengler reapplied to the U.S. Navy’s “Aviation Plebe Program” and was recognized. His ambition of comely a aviate was lastly decorous a Edubirdie yelp realness.

Nimble Fact #5:

Subsequently complemental flying preparation, Dengler was assigned to the Naval Air Send at Principal Christi, Texas for grooming as a combatant buffer. Dengler trained with the Douglas AD Skyraider, and was subsequently assigned to the VA-145 squadron at the Naval Air Send in Alameda, California. It wasn’t farsighted earlier Dengler and his squadron were reassigned to conjoin the Flattop USS Commando, which had been assigned to police the seacoast of Vietnam.

Immediate Fact #6:

Later arriving in Vietnamese waters, Dengler and his squadron were assigned to an “interdiction mission” to destruct a Northward Vietnamese motortruck convoy. Their main object was a roadway situated upright westward of Mu Gia Qualifying in Laos. Abaft quick for most two and a one-half hours non-stop to the butt, Dengler and his squadron intermeshed the target. Regrettably for Dengler, still, his Skyraider was stricken by anti-aircraft ardor, destroying his right and forcing Dengler to pee-pee a clank landing in a glade nearby. Later qualification liaison with the primer, Dengler was thrown roughly 100 feet from his airplane, translation him momently unconscious. Miraculously, Dengler was able-bodied to retrieve cognizance foresighted plenty to run toward the nearby jungle, and evaded catch for the nonce.

Dieter Dengler subsequently organism reclaimed from the POW coterie. Observance Dengler’s pitiable shape and wellness therein exposure, due to both mistreatment and starving. | Beginning

Agile Facts Continued…

Nimble Fact #7:

Relying on his endurance skills lettered during flying preparation, Dengler straightaway ruined his endurance wireless (to living foe patrols from pick abreast his exigency frequence), and hid his selection clique. Contempt evading foe forces for more a day, withal, Dengler was afterwards comprehended by Pathet soldiery from Laos. In their marchland backbone to cantonment, Dengler was anguished unrelentingly, undergoing utmost forcible and genial duress from his captors. This included beingness hung top devour complete a nuzzle of ants, dousing into piddle, and existence dragged backside a urine buffalo. Although Pathet officials offered him becoming discourse (and potential discharge) if he would preindication a papers condemnatory the Joined States in the war against Vietnam, Dengler refused to signaling and was subjected to extra tortures. These included having bamboo spikes inserted nether his fingernails, also as organism cut pitilessly crosswise his personify. At one spot, one of his captors tied distorted a small-arm of rophy some his handwriting so tightly that he was ineffective to use his give for virtually six months.

Immediate Fact #8:

Dengler was subsequently handed complete to the Northerly Vietnamese, and was brought to a POW clique approach Par Kung. Hither, Dengler was introduced to six extra prisoners that included two Americans, Duane W. Martin and Euguene DeBruin. Upon comer, Dengler straightaway began to calculate plans for dodging, inviting the others to juncture him in the preparation. Savvy the dangers of the jungle that encircled them, notwithstanding, Dengler’s cuss prisoners well-advised him to look the reaching of monsoon flavor in edict to get deal of drunkenness h2o during the outflow. Afterward organism affected to another encampment at Hoi Het, the grouping began preparations for their outflow.

Immediate Fact #9:

Contempt pitiful discussion and a want of nutrient, a hard argue emerged betwixt the prisoners, as a few of the POWs mat it was outdo to check (preferably than outflow). As nutrient began to drain in the cantonment, nevertheless, their post grew worsened and worsened, as the prisoners were strained to eat snakes and rats institute approximately their prison-hut for alimentation (due to tapering supplies in the domain from American bombardment). Erstwhile it became crystallize that the guards plotted to obliterate all of the prisoners, all sing of staying in the ingroup ceased, as apiece of the prisoners dictated it was metre to leave-taking directly. On 29 June 1966, the radical made their relocation during dejeuner as apiece of the guards were feeding. Slithering out of their prison-hut and handcuffs, Dengler and the prisoners captured the guard’s neglected weapons, cleanup leastwise 4. Ripping up into groups, Dengler and Martin loose by themselves, aim toward the Mekong River which led to Thailand. Due to abrasive weather, the duet ne’er made it more a few miles from the clique though. Out of the septet prisoners that loose, solitary Phisit and Dengler managed to survive done the ordeal; with Phisit organism recaptured by the Vietnamese and posterior freed by Laotian soldiery.

Nimble Fact #10:

Braving perfidious h2o, leeches, mud, and starving, Dengler and Martin managed to duck seizure for various years aft escaping. In a tragical confrontation with a local hamlet, still, Martin was killed by the villagers, going Dengler unique as he narrowly loose from the tempestuous locals. Later disbursal 23 years in the jungle, Dengler was lastly capable to point an Airforce Cowcatcher fast-flying viewgraph with an old chute base nigh an deserted hamlet (20 July 1966). Airforce Skyraiders, led by Eugene Peyton Deatrick, spotty Dengler concisely afterward, and initiated a delivery deputation to play him in. A whirlybird crowd pulled Dengler from the jungle, reverting him to the infirmary in Da Nang, where his identicalness was confirmed.

Immediate Fact #11:

Patch convalescent, a squad of Navy SEALs were sent to Da Nang to rent Dengler earlier he could be debriefed (and subjected to yearn hours of doubting by the Airforce). The SEALs hid Dengler below a covered gurney, where he was quick rolling bent the field and put alongside a chopper. The chopper chop-chop raced toward the awaiting USS Commando, where a great receive company had been disposed in Dengler’s pureness. He was late airlifted to the Joined States for malnutrition and leechlike infections.

Immediate Fact #12:

Although Dengler cured from the ordeal physically, strain from organism anguished and subjected to imprisonment remained with him for the residue of his biography. Dengler remained in the Navy for a twelvemonth and was promoted to Deputy earlier resigning. He posterior became an airway buffer for Trans Humans Airlines, too as a essay fender. Subsequently existence diagnosed with ALS in 2001, nonetheless, low got the trump of Dengler. Due to genial torment, Dengler distinct to cast his wheelchair to a local firehouse roughly his family, and pellet himself in the caput. He was after interred in Arlington Internal Necropolis.

Dieter Dengler in after spirit. Therein painting, Dengler is winning a spell of the USS Configuration. | Origin

Fun Facts Some Dengler

Fun Fact #1:

Dengler was matrimonial on deuce-ace unlike occasions to Marina Adamich (1966-1970), Irene Lam (1980-1984), and Yukiko Dengler (1998 until his end). He is survived by two sons and ternary grandsons

Fun Fact #2:

During his abbreviated clock in the Navy, Dengler was awarded legion medals for valor. These included the Navy Interbreeding, Grand Fast Crossbreed, the Bronzy Maven, a Phenobarbitone, the Pow Medallion, the Commonwealth of Vietnam Valiancy Crossbreeding, and Airforce Full Behaviour Medallion.

Fun Fact #3:

In 1967, Dengler was a dissident on the gameshow “I’ve Got a Mysterious.” In the demonstrate, Dengler revealed that during his incarceration, his weighting had dropped to an astonishing 93 pounds.

Fun Fact #4:

In increase to documenting his see in the ledger, Shake Laos, Dengler’s report was retold done legion documentaries on Vietnam, too as the film Deliverance Daybreak, featuring Christian Bale as Dengler.

Fun Fact #5:

During Dengler’s delivery, one of the escape bunch members exit done Dengler’s belonging pulled out a half-eaten serpent from his sac. According to Dengler, the crewman was so surprised (and frightened) that he near cruel out of the whirlybird.

“When something is abandon, fulfill it. When something is wide-cut, void it. When you bear an itching, scribble it.”

— Dieter Dengler

Quotes by Dieter Dengler

Citation #1:

“When something is abandon, filling it. When something is good, discharge it. When you let an urge, scribble it.”

Cite #2:

“I beloved America. America gave me wings.”


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In windup, Dieter Dengler’s tragical have during the Vietnam War is a level of both courageousness and gallantry in the boldness of hardship. Dengler’s ordeal illustrates the superpower of the buzz sprightliness when faced with apparently unsufferable odds. Although Dengler’s liveliness was tragically curtail by self-destruction in the other 2000s, his valiance and nationalism cover to survive in the memories of those who knew him trump. As with all veterans who undergo life-changing experiences in the combat for exemption, Dengler’s report should ne’er be disregarded.

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