Jewellery Care

How to store your Jewellery
We recommend you do not store diamond jewellery with other diamond jewellery as this can cause scratches. Store your jewellery in the box provided, a fabric-lined jewellery case or individually wrap each piece in jewellery pouches. Diamonds are the hardest known gem, only diamonds can scratch diamonds so it is important they are stored separately.

How to keep your Diamonds clean
Diamonds have affinity to grease. Everyday exposure to creams, skin oils, hairspray, perfumes, household chemicals and other substances can dull your diamond’s sparkle. Renew the sparkle by simply using a solution of warm water mixed with a mild detergent and gently clean using a soft toothbrush. Rinse and dry with a clean soft cloth. Gold should be polished with a lint free cloth. Please refrain from using any other material as it may cause scratching.

Where possible, it is best to limit your jewellery exposure to household chemicals, perfumes and other substances.

General care for your Diamonds
We recommend you remove your jewellery when carrying out vigorous tasks, such as household chores, gardening or exercising in any capacity. Please avoid exposing your jewellery to direct sunlight, bathing, showering, sea water and chlorinated pools.

Jewellery should be checked and cleaned by a professional at least once a year. White or yellow gold plating should be re-plated once every 24 months.

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